Thursday, February 28, 2008



From Imus to callers to family to friends to stangers I am daily asked - usually earnestly - "Why do you have a problem with John McCain?"

Don't worry, I've no intention here of yet again detailing that damning indictment. Rather, let us be sporting, and assume that when McCain was recently slapped around by Real Conservatives for his voluminous betrayals, he meant it: he's a proud conservative, really he is, and from now on he'll observe at least the rudimentary values of our ilk.

Most conservatives - your gentle host included - remained deeply skeptical but, again, were willing to be sporting and cautiously give him a chance to prove himself.

Alas, it took Senator McCain only a few days to viloate the terms of his probation.

Yesterday in Cincinnati, a local radio talk show host introduced McCain by way of brief opening remarks wherein he criticized the media's love affair with "Barack Hussein Obama". Shocking! He uttered Obama's name! How base! How low!

The entirety of the radio hosts' crime was to thrice mention the demi-god's full name, Barack Hussein Obama. So awful was this offense that Juan McCain jumped to denounce his supporter for "making some disparaging remarks about my colleague" (Obama). "I condemn it..and I apologize for it."

It gets worse. According to the New York Times, McCain then added "it is not appropriate to invoke Mr. Obama's middle name." "I absolutely repudiate such comments. It will never happen again."

Never happen again?
There goes the McCain campaign.

Look, I am keenly aware that Obama's adveraries (e.g. myself) include his middle name when identifying him by way of drawing attention to the understandable dissonance of a discernably Islamic name carried by a very major candidate for President of the United States.

What of it?

This: the "conservative" Republican candidate for President presumptive believes the Mention of a Candidate's Name is ipso facto "disparaging", is grounds for charges of racism, islamofacism, nativism, xenophobia and sun spots, is grounds for throwing under the bus geunine conservatives, and issuing groveling apology.

As such, there is no conservative, nor genuine Republican, candidate for President.

But then, we already knew that - our nominee is Juan McCain.



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