Tuesday, February 26, 2008



So, finally (or almost final, anyway), it comes to this: the African-American campaign manager for the wife of America's "first black president" oversees the smear of America's first genuine prospective first African-American president with a photograph of the African-American candidate wearing African garb, and a turban - and she says So What?! It's only a picture! And her candidate, named Clinton, asked the same question, denies Any knowledge of the photo's source, and she says "What's the big deal?".

For those of us who for unfathomable reasons have ever believed the famous sociopaths known as the Clintons - do you get it now?

Do you see Clinton(s) will do ANYTHING to get elected - including smearing Barack Obama's heritage and provoking concerns that he is a radical Islamist?

And it just might work.
Maybe not now in the primaries, which may be over.
But Clinton(s) just might be killing off Obama's chances to be president.
And they don't care.

This Barack Hussein Osama Obama photo will not play well for Obama in Texas.
Nor will it play well in several other areas of the country, wherever Americans are justifiably concerned about how well we know this fellow.

NOW do you believe Mrs. Clinton's congenial remarks at the conclusion of last Thursday's debate signal friendship and surrender?

Everything negative Clinton(s) could ever unload on 0-Bama, they will unload in the next few days, next at tonight's debate.

Remember: it ain't over until the Fat Lady sings; and Mrs. Clinton is only humming.



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