Tuesday, February 19, 2008



A brokered convention? Super White, Super Men, Super Delegates making secret decisions, over-ruling the senitments of voters to choose the party nominee? A noisy, public reaction from the camp which believes the nomination was "stolen" from their candidate - and vows to stay home on election day and/or quit the party?

This is merely politics. This is patriotic Porn! Enjoy it.

Right now a great many dumocrats are holding their heads, wondering how they got into this situation.

Their hero Jesse Jackson (et. al.) did it to them, that's how!

Travel with me back to the 1980s, when the dumocrats were presenting a string on utterly unelectable left-wing nutball candidates (e.g. Dudukakis, Mondull and especially Jesse Jerkson).
Jesse was demanding more delegates. It wasn't fair that he didn't get any when he didn't win. Jesse wanted prizes for losing! How very perfectly liberal.

So, afraid of being criticized as unfair to the minority candidate (my, how things don't change) the party caved, and adopted a new rule - "proportional" award of delegates. From that point forward, losers could avoid losing a lot longer - and the eventual winners had to fight and spend and fight a lot longer. Advantage Republicans.

And now the dumocrats might have already had their candidate chosen - were it not for the infamous "proportional" award of delegates. Again, advantage Republicans?

So, when you search for paternity in the matter of this mess, look no further than Jesse Jackson.
Behold, Rev Jackson's gift and legacy for his party: The Super Delegates...and, just maybe, serious - perhas even fatal - problems for the democrat party and its candidate.

Now THAT is what I call keeping HOPE alive .
Thank you, Jesse, thank you!



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