Sunday, February 10, 2008



In case this hasn't hit home yet...the chances are Great that after all the wailing and gnashing of liberal candidate teeth on the campaign trail, the dumocrat nominee is going to be chosen Not by regualr voters - but by *Super-Delegates in a back room somewhere...maybe even at a brokered convention.
*(Super-Delagates are party big wigs - e.g. Bill Clinton, John Kerry, fomer Presidents and Vice Presidents, fundraisers, activists, members of Congress, et. al. - pre-chosen years ago by the party, to control and decide a close race.)
If this scenario eventuates, most pros believe the Clintons have been plotting for this possibility for Years...and that they will cut deals and call in IOUs to grab most of the Super-Delegates for HRC.
Fear not! That circumstance is not without its bloody massacre possibilities: so many democrats - most especially minority voters - are absolutelt incensed at the very notion of Obama's nomination being "stolen away" from their candidate by party bosses. In fact one of the dems most prominent public faces, former Gore campaign manager and African-American activist Donna Brazille (herself a Super Delegate), has said that if the Super Delegates even try to decide this race, she will "quit the democrat party", and urge others to do the same!
Here is "Change" I can live with!