Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Real Loser

My Dear B&B:

Loser? Who is the real loser?
We are.
Today Mitt Romney, the Ronald Reagan of our time, withdrew from the campaign.
Too bad. For us.
Sour grapes? You decide.
In any event, here he is, your "Republican" nominee, Juan McCain.
He will, of course, lose to either Democrat in November.
Let the disasterous results of left wing policies - which McCain holds - be blamed on Dumocrats, not Republicans.
As Satan (Clinton) or ObamaNation prove to be a national failure, as doubtless she or he will, there will be a cry among patriots for a genuine conservative: Mitt Romney. And, I trust, MR will rise to lead his neo-republican party, and the nation, to electoral victory.
I am not a patient fellow.
I hate the idea of waiting four years. But I am willing to.
I expect only the shocking inferiority and failure of McCain and the other Democrat will move us to join the Romney wing of the new republicam party.
McCain? You're on you own, pal. Hasta la vista, as you would likely say, Juan.
Lose, Juan, lose!
We patriots can and will wait.
And we - we - shall overcome.
Mitt in '12!