Thursday, February 7, 2008

Not-So-Super Thursday <2/708)

Dear B&B:

My apologies for my absence following Tuesday p.m. - though I have been on the air, I have been battling an intestinal malady (don't ask), so I haven't been doing much other than preparing for and perfoming the show. Let's catch up:


I do not know. I know only that I continue to support MR whatever he does - both for totally pro-Romney reasons, and for stop-McCain reasons. Can MR stop McAmnesty? Probably not. But if you, as I, entertain the belief that we are seeing the start of a bloody battle for the Definition and Leadership of the neo-Republican party, the question becomes "What can/should Mitt Romney do to serve the wishes of the millions of his supporters across the country?" These are, after all, the very people who will form the political/vote/funding base of a (theoretical) Romney 2012 campaign. So, under this scenario, serving their interests becomes the new Romney campaign. How to serve their interests? STAY IN THE RACE...because this is the only way MR maintains a big seat at the national political poker game. Maybe, just maybe, MR's voters would like to see him stay in, battle McClinton all the way to the convention this summer, then maybe cut some deal to Stop McLiberal...and the convention chooses someone new! No, Mitt wouldn't be the nominee (bummer, yes), but if he was the one who helped stop McDemocrat, he would be a hero to his base, tens of millions of new supporters, and the de facto leader of the new republican party.
Perhaps merely a pipe dream...but pass me the pipe.

HILLARY BROKE (or "Brother Can You Spare a....Pizza?")

Yesterday Satan/Clinton was forced to contribute five million clams of her own money to the campaign. Think THAT was in the original campaign plan?! ObamaNation raised $31M in January alone. Who would have imagined in early Feb, Barack Hussein Hussein would be virtually tied with the Great Satan/Clinton - and forcing her to dig into her own deep (read: XXXplus-sized) pockets? I am nearly aroused.


Have you heard this mawkish twaddle? How about prior to producing a song, you produce a rationale? An agenda? A defintion of "Change"? A reason why, in an age of worldwise Islamofacist terrorism and wars, any sane person could trust the job of Commander-in-Chief to an unknown, un-tested, unqualified ambitious junior politician who is being idolized - who, indeed, is a candidate - only because of PC pigmentation? (Quick: imagine of Barack Hussein Obama's name was Bobby O'dell, a white state legislator from Chicago?!).
Oh, oh, oh, Yes We Can! My turn in the orgasmatron! Together We Can! Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhh!
Was it good for you?
Or just dangerously silly?


Perhaps you have seen reports that various constituencies are showing up to vote in states which have already conducted there primaries? Remember: these geniuses have a vote equal to yours. Best way to stop the Dumocrat candidates, who realy on the stupid vote? In each state on the real election day, send out sound trucks cruising the streets of the city declaring "Don't forget to vote...NEXT Tuesday!" Trust me, hundreds of thousands of your fellow citizens - virtualy all of them democrats - will fall for it, hit the convenience store, flip on Judge Judy, and leave the voting to us.
Where do I send my sound truck contribution?

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