Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Stupor Tuesday, Continued....Forever

The "Republicans"

The situation of the "republicans" requires little examination.
Because they are (read: McCain is) screwed.
You know these "All These Nutty Loud Mouth Conservative Radio Talk Show Audiences and Hosts Will Shut Up And Line Up Behind McCain" guarantees the liberal republicans and the MediaMob keep giving you? Well, I hope you're getting it in writing.
Because if your As-Seen-On-TV Ginsu Knives don't work out in 45 years, you can still ask for a refund from Terra Haute - but you won't be getting your political money back on the "McCain Will Unite The Party" warranty.
Juan McCain so far Is Not - and I believe Can Not and, thus Will Not - uniting anybody. He keep slosing the votes of real republicans (i.e. conservatives), including Tuesday night.
McCain keeps saying he doesn't need us; he will win the Independents and Democrats.
Because it appears to me that 0-bama is doing a frighteningly effective job of sweeping up those pesky Independents and Democrats - and, it would appear, a fair number of "republicans"!
Juan thinks he is going to steal liberals from 0-bama - meanwhile he is Hemorrhaging republicans, bleeding, internally, to death!

And another - far more important - matter: Hey, MediaMob: STOP CALLING PASTOR HUCKABEE A CONSERVATIVE. He is not a conservative. What he IS is the only protest vessel on the republican side. Many - perhaps even Most - of Huckster's votes are anti-McCain votes, not pro-Pastor votes.
This "Conservative Huckabee" label is a MediaMob fiction, so when Huckabee loses, as certainly he will, MediaMob can say "Look! The Conservatives Got Stomped!" Sorry, My Marxist Media pals. When Huck loses, it represents a bonding of real conservatives, not a loss. We are here, we aren't going anywhere. And McCain will lose because enough of us will stay home.

Which reminds me: "Huckabee - you still here?!"



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