Monday, February 18, 2008



A standard I have often articulated on our show is the same baseline my late, heroic, WWII Dad employed over a lifetime and passed on to me: upon the observation of definitively Good or Bad behavior by a person, my Dad would say to me "James, I don't need to know another thing about that fellow." It turns out that, in this, as in so much else, my father was quite correct.

Which brings us to George Bush, the younger (aka 'the lesser'): end of last week, Bush entertained as a guest in the (i.e. Our) White House racial arsonist, third world radical, and all-around low-life The Reverend (!!!!) Al Sharpton.

In the White House.

Genuine Americans do not need to know another thing about that *fellow.

(*Applies equally to Bush and Sharpton.)



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