Tuesday, February 26, 2008



This snore-fest is mercifully over.
Mrs. Clinton decided not to go for the knock-out.
I detest her, but I believe she is smarter, a better politician, and would make a much stronger, better president.
Clinton won the debate, but only on points.
And that is not enough to fundamentally change the course of this campaign, this story.
And nearly everybody right now believes we know how this story ends: Obama as the democrat nominee.
Anybody who supported Clinton at 9:00 supports her at 10:40.
Anybody who supported Obama at 9:00 supports him at 10:40.
The tie goes to the runner, and the runner appears to be Obama.

As I mentioned today on the air, there are two ways to go after your opponent: right here, in his face, on television - or via campaign surrogates, or leaked negative stories.
So, my question, having seen this virtual love-fest, is this: is this all Clinton has? Or will we see some bomb dropped on him (perhaps another photo...maybe in women's clothing this time)?
Knowing Clinton(s) as I do, I find it strange and difficult to believe that Clinton(s) will, with all that is at stake, let this campaign just glide into next Tueasday's crucial Texas and Ohio contests.

If this is all there is, the remaining possibility for Clinton(s) is to contest the nomination by stealing Obama delegates and by going into court to claim the banished delegates of Michigan and Florida.
But now I wonder - for the first time - whether Clinton(s) will, in the end, go that route.

So now we watch what they say the next six days.
Then, in seven, we see what Texas and Ohio say.
And in eight, I think we'll know who we'll see on the next debate stage...across from McCain.

N.B. On MSDNC's post-debate TV coverage all the anchors and analysts seem openly frustrated and surprised that Clinton(s) didn't go for the knock-out, that there wasn't more "action"; that they are surprised at the relative timidity of the event.
As, I expect, are we all.

That said: Hey, Obama - do get someone to start your car and taste your food for you between now and Tuesday.



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