Thursday, February 21, 2008



I write the following as I listen to the McCain press conference; here are highlights:

> McCain has solid, credible deportment; appears calm, steady, believeable.

> Crucial: No non-denial denial: This denial is evidently full and complete: no affair, no favoritism.

> Again denies any impropriety of any type, personal or legislative.

> Claims to be unaware of all previous suspicions of himself and lobbyist; denies he was ever told by staffers to "stay away" from lobbyist in question.

> Claims not to have attempted to dissuade NYT from publishing story

> Denies recently having seen the lobbyist.

> Mrs. McCain says "very disappointed in the NY Times; our family knows he'd never disappoint us."

> Q: "Distraction to campaign?" A: "It does distract...keeps me from discussing big issues...but am confident I can move on and do that..."

> Q "Will this hurt campaign?" A: "I believe we can resole this....Americans are fair in their judgement...there will be other obstacles, but we will move on....I look forward to the debate."

> As to whether this goes to the heart of his campaign: "Disappointed by such a story based on anonymous record is clear..."

> "Last saw lobbyist several months ago."

Impressive performance by McCain.

More to come...


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