Monday, February 18, 2008



Now it comes to our attention that B. Hussein 0-Bama is evidently guilty of plagarism!

Drugs in the past? No problemo. Judged to be Most Liberal Senator in America? A breeze. Candidate for President with nothing at all to say - but who is believed to say nothing exceptionally well? Great!

But here is the story that 0-Bama's towering rhetoric is, um, *borrowed?!
(*Current national news reports that at least one of 0-Bama's stock campaign speeches
bears a rather **striking resemblance to those of Massachusett's Governor Devolve "TOGETHER (as opposed to "YES") WE CAN!".

(**i.e. "plagarism")

The uncomfortable questions are just now leaking out: Did Barack know? Either way, will it hurt him?"

The answers are (1) Of course. (2) Yes, it just might.

Seems, at first glance, a petty thing.
But recall: Joe Biden actually quit a presidential campaign after being caught "borrowing" the words - all of them, in exact order - from the speech of another politician.

Bear in mind that 0-Bama's chief assest (read: HIS ONLY CONCEIVEABLE ASSET!!!!!!) is his rhetoric of HOPE/CHANGE, HOPE/CHANGE, HOPE/CHANGE, HOPE/CHANGE, ad nauseum.

Live by the Charm sword, die by the Charm Sword.

If 0-Bama's greatest strength - his supposed inspirational speaking skills - are found to be built on a false credential, then this might hurt much more than the conventional wisdom suggests: this is a strike at his number one virtue.

If the Clinton Death Star can seize on this and exploit it, it will very likely be a factor in this steel-cage blood match.
AND: unhappily for 0-Bama, this occurs exactly at the time his heretofore impregnable reputation as a GOD is just starting to attract some questions from the establishment media.

Obvious Racists!



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