Monday, February 18, 2008



You may recall Satan Clinton (TradeMark, J. Severin, Imus in the Morning, 1998) claiming "she" is not really contesting the Wisconsin Primary, tomorrow (Tuesday).
This, like virtually every other Clinton utterance, is a lie: she is fighting for her life, and it is obvious.
Clinton's borrowed Giuliani Strategy ("What, Me Worry?...Ah, I don't care about those steenkeeng early primaires....I will start winning...soon...) And then Rudy was Bye Bye.
No, Clinton is in Wisconsin fighting door-to door. She is getting kiiled by the first real MOmentum of 2008, and it's 0-Bama's.
She needs to stop the bleeding, and though Wisconsin remains an uphill climb for Satan, she is doing all she can to make a decent showing here Tuesday night.
Tihs is, more than anything else, a display for SuperDuperPooperScooper Dem Delagates who will cravenly flock to the flavor-of-the-week.
Clinton needs to slow down 0-Bama's express train, before the cow catcher on it's front does it's job, booting this dreadful bovine off the presidential tracks.
Prediction: Wisconsin will be closer than most expect Tuesday night...but Advantage 0-Bama.



p.s. much more to follow....stick with me, B&B...

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