Monday, February 11, 2008



You will this morning hear that Satan - aka H Clinton - has "accepted the resignation" of her campaign manager. The art of political euphemism alive and well! Accepted The Resgination Of actually means, of course, Was Fired Summarily And Brutally.
But do not buy the hype that this is a "major shake up" in the flailing Clinton campaign. Not so.
The Clinton strategy team has forever been: impeached/disgraced former president Bill Clinton, pollster/strategist Mark Penn, then a group of four or five longtime Hillary devils, aming whom the "new campaign manager" is one. This is not a change of direction for the campaign - more like a change of clothing. The same team, minus one, will run things....ideally, into the ground.
So why do it?
Because HRC needs to quickly send a message ("I AM NOT LOSING!") to a few key constituencies, including You (voters), The Media and, especially, Super-Delegates - who probably hold the key to her victory, or defeat.
This is a common ploy by in-trouble campaigns to declare "we know things aren't going quite as well we had hoped...but we have recognized the problem (i.e. the scapegoat we have just sacked), and we have fixed it...don't worry, everything's just fine."
Meanwhile, back on planet earth, Obama is on an impressive multi-state victory roll (including Maine caucuses Sunday) with three new primaries tomorrow, and the closest thing to
Big Mo(mentum) 2008 has seen.
The next huge moment for the dumocrats: two weeks from tomorrow, the primaries in Texas and Ohio - states filled with traditional blue-collar democrat voters who are Supposed to be perfect for Clinton.
If she loses either - or, if there is a God, both - Texas and Ohio, the next firing will have to be Bill's.