Wednesday, February 20, 2008


How bad was it, exactly?

When all is said and done, last night is likely to be recorded as one of the biggest, absolute hammerings in the history of American presidential primary politics, to wit:

* In Wisconsin, a crucial presidential swing state and, far more significantly an ostensibly Model state for Clinton(s) - heavily blue collar democrat, minority of college graduates, etc. - the political newcomer 0-Bama beats her like a rented mule, 58-41, a 17 point drubbing. (Hawaii was close, too - Obama captured only 78% of all voters.)

* Worse for Clinton(s), 0-Bama administered this beating by continuing to cut into Clinton's voter base: HRC loses white men 34-63. HRC loses "who would be best commander-in-chief?" by 4%. HRC loses voters with family incomes less than $50k. The only discernable voter group
HRC won was her "firewall" of white women...but only by 5 points. Obama Owns Clinton's voters. In my 25 years of national political experience, that is the single biggest indicator of who is going to win - and lose.

* Worse still: Ten Straight Losses for Clinton(s) - and the odor of Loser that creates in the media, among voters and, particularly, among SuperDelegates. Clinton(s) have 9 remaining primaries in which they will be competitive - and she will have win 70% of the vote in All of them to catch 0-Bama. It Cannot Be Done.

* 0-Bama cannot clinch the nomination based on the available primary delegates - but he is leading by more than circa 150...which, along with his performance, influences the SuperDelegates to support 0-Bama.
As of today, democrats have a definitive frontrunner, and the name isn't Clinton.

On a personal note, having re-read the above I find it prudent - pursuant to the medical warning on the Viagra commercial - to contact my physician, as it is likely I shall develop an e***tion lasting four hours or more.



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