Monday, February 25, 2008



In her Island of Rhode campaign appearance yesterday, Mrs. Clinton sarcastically mocked Barack Obama and his message of Hope and Change. (I will play the audio for you today on the radio.)

The crowd there loved it, but there is a much, much bigger crowd across the country that will, I believe, punish her severely her for it.

Clinton apparently thinks she is attacking her opponent - but she is making a classic, and perhaps fatal, mistake: she is really attacking her opponent's AUDIENCE.

By mocking Obama's Hope/Change pitch, to the loud laughter of her fans - picked up by the media and blasted to all audiences across the country - Clinton is directly mocking the millions of Obama voters...whom she needs to win over in order to have any chance of victory.

Attack your opponent? By all means.
Attack him harshly? Absolutely.
Attack what his audience (to whom You must appeal) believes? SUICIDAL.

Should be quite the debate Tuesday night, yes?



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