Sunday, February 24, 2008



As Predicted By Your Host:

When during Thursday night's dumocrat debate Mrs. Clinton feigned "honor" of sitting with
0-Bama, the Conventional Wisdom (always conventional, rarely wise) stampeded to the universal agreement that this was either or both (a) a signal of surrender (b) another touching moment of "vulnerability", the "real" Hillary.

It was neither.

You may recall my saying then that this was, to the contrary, an obvious (if one knows Politics and Clintons) staged move to put a big smiley face button on her campaign - while she was, in fact, readying to stab 0-Bama in the back, the front, and every other place she can shove the blade. This way, Satan leaves voters with a "have-a-nice-day!" image as she plots to steal delegates, go to court, cheat, lie, and commit any and every other act necessary to seize power.
It is absolutely Astonishing to me that anyone could observe Clinton(s) and believe she is remotely capable of acknowledging defeat.

Thus, Saturday on the campaign trail the new, new, new (real) Clinton emerged: "Barack Obama, Shame On You!"she shrieked, slapping 0-Bama for criticizing her health plan.

Gee - where did the kinder, gentler Hillary go?!

But the Big Bonus Story here is what else Clinton said, lost in her whining: she also smacked
0-Bama saying "enough with the big rallies and the speeches!".

I'm sorry, did we miss something? "enough big rallies"? "enough speeches"?
0-Bama is running for President (and beating You, Hillary) and he's not supposed to have big rallies (of which You are incapable, incidentally)? Not supposed to give eleoquent speeches (of which You, are incapable, incidentally)?

Mrs. Clinton is angry with 0-Bama for....campaigning....better than she.

Hillary unchanged.
Hillary unchained.
Hillary unhinged.



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