Tuesday, February 19, 2008



In light of the rather troublesome accusations of Plagarism against the demi-god known
as 0-Bama, I wish to throw a lifeline to my main man, B. Hussein O.
Stick with this speech template, and you will be safe (and, apparently, president):

"I am HOPEful, because I believe in a thing called HOPE. You believe in HOPE. We therefore both believe in HOPE. And I HOPE you HOPE - as I HOPE - for the greatest HOPE of all: CHANGE! We must HOPE for CHANGE. Perhaps you, like I, HOPE for loose CHANGE when I CHANGE my trousers or search in the couch cushions. And I make CHANGE often. But that aside, I am HOPING for CHANGE or CHANGING HOPE every damn day. Even if you now support another candidate, I HOPE you will CHANGE. Because that CHANGE would give me HOPE. And that, my brothers and sisters, is HOPEFUL CHANGE. HOPEFULLY, you agree with me, so there is no need ever to CHANGE the subject, I HOPE?" I HOPE you will vote for CHANGE, even if you must CHANGE for HOPE. HOPEFULLY.
Thank you.



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