Sunday, February 10, 2008



Have you noticed....that when you look a bit closer at the Clinton-Obama vote returns a clear, very interesting pattern - and challenge - emerges: the Dumocrat vote is virtually split down the middle (just like Clinton & Obama's support), with Chablis vs. Budweiser drinkers.
That is to say, the demographics of Obama voters are more suburban, better educated, Independent, younger - people who are seeking in a candidate "Inspiration" (see" "Yes We Can!")...someone who will Change The System. Wine drinkers.
Clinton voters, on the other hand, are mostly traditional blue-collar Dems, urban, minority - people who seek in a candidate specific Programs and Policies (e.g. unemployment, minimum wage, welfare, etc.) that will help them on a day-to-day basis...someone who will Change Their Lives. Beer drinkers.
This fundamental difference can be heard and seen every day in the rhetoric of these two candidates: Obama's speeches are 95% motivational fluff, 5% policy. Clinton's 5% inspiration, 95% programs.
Omaba is selling Poerty.
Clinton is selling Policy.
And each has a natural appeal to a very different kind of democrat voter.
The billion dollar question, of course, is which group is (a) more numerous (b) more likely to turn up on election day?
Come on - would I leave you hanging, B&B?
In the end I still (for now) believe Clinton's Welfare Laundry List will attract more voters than Obama's JFK impersonation.