Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Finding ourselves as now we do in the relative doldums of this fabulous presidential primary pageant, where exactly do we (i.e. they) stand?
Not where 95% of the MediaMob would have us believe.
Political Reality Check as follows:

The Dumocrats

For Mrs. Clinton this ain't no disco, this ain't no Mudd Club, this ain't no foolin' around, as de song say. I am not, yet, prepared to amend my 10 year old prescience ("Hillary Clinton will go directly from the White House to New York, where she will seek and win a US Senate seat, then seek and win the democrat nomination for President - and against whomever she runs, she will be the favorite, and likely become President" - Me, on Imus in the Morning, 1998) - but I am quire ready to say to Mrs. Clinton: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.
Yes, indeed, for the first time in her life, Satan faces plausible crushing defeat. Here's why:
It is not that 0-bama has more won more votes, states, and delegates, though he has; it is not that he has won eight - count 'em - eight contests in a row; it is not that 0-bama will in a few days likely win the key presidential swing state of Wisconsin, though he probably shall.
It is that last night's election results (Maryland, Virginia) indicate 0-bama for the first time stealing Clinton's base: Whites (he got more than half), Hispanics (he got more than half) and - are you sitting down....on a super-strong chair....Mrs. Clinton? - WOMEN (he got half of white women).
0-bama is winning Whites, Hispanics, and Women?
This stunning fact is either (a) an aberration, a freak occurence (b) a trend.
If it is the latter, Hillary, Say Goodnight to Hollywooooood!
Every - and in Every - single scenario whereby Clinton wins this thing is her supposed greater appeal to Whites in general, White Women in particular, and Hispanics across the board.
If 0-bama has, in fact, cracked into that vote vault, he is unstoppable.
Next Tuesday will not be dispositive, but Texas Tuesday (and 0-bama Ohio?) will be.
March 4: the date Hillary Clinton will see her political X-rays.
And if she doesn't see in that crucial photograph a strong majority of her base voters, Mrs. Clinton is best advised to Get Her Affairs In Order.
(Bill already has His Affairs quite in order.)



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