Sunday, February 10, 2008

GEORGE BUSH vouches for McCain? Oh, that's different...NOT.

My Dear B&B:

Now - Now - we really know how much trouble Juan McCain is in: as to the matter of whether McCain is a conservative, his chief character witness is turncoat conservative GEORGE BUSH?!
In an exclusive Sunday morning interwiew with the Fox News' Chris Wallace, our "compassionate conservative" (yea to the former, curses to the latter), "republican" President seemed to suggest that McAmnesty was a conservative and, to remove any lingering doubt, he, Mr. Conservative himself, George "high-spending, affirmative action, open borders" Bush, would vouch for McCain!
Wow, I am persuaded, how about you?
That is: George Bush is totally deluded, how about you?
Were I endeavoring to demonstrate conservative credentials, Bush would be on my list of number 437 on my list. Are you Kidding Me?
Now, with Bush at his side, McCain can look forward to settling this question of whether he is a Ronald Regan/Mitt Romney conservative.
He isn't.
Nothing and no one can make him so.
Especially not George Bush.