Sunday, February 24, 2008



Sunday morning, This Meek on ABC, Cokie Roberts laments what is "happening to women" in this presidential campaign.

Cokie says she has "been speaking with women around the country - I spoke with Billie Jean King yesterday."

Here is every-woman!

* "And Billie Jean said she looks at what's happening to the Clinton campaign and says 'I feel like everything I have worked for my entire life is going right out the door..."
Cokie continues saying that American women are relating to this because "I have been doing all the right things, all the things you want me to do...and then here comes this cute young man who sweeps in whispering sweet nothings and grabs the job...the story of our lives..." *(I endeavor to quote Ms. Roberts exactly; this transcript from my contemporaneous notes; my apologies to her, and you, if I miss a word or two.)

If what Cokie says is true - that many women feel keen frustration and even anger at Mrs. Clinton's fading campaign, that they believe this is somehow discrimination against women, that it is, in effect, emblematic of lifelong discrimination against strikes me as terribly sad and discouraging.

This is Boo Hoo Feminism. "Poor Me. Nobody likes (i.e. will vote for) me...because I am a woman."

No. No. No.
People are rejecting Clinton(s) not because they are uncomfortable with her gender, but because they are uncomfortable with her politics and, Yes, herself. Becuase she is an arrogant, dishonest, cloying, harpie - not because she is Mrs.

Give us the right woman, and we will, as a nation, give you Madam President.

But stow the Boo Hoo Feminism, would you girls?



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