Sunday, February 10, 2008

Vice President Romney?


That prospect is tantalizing to a lot of us, chielfy because it zooms up the chances there will in our not-distant future be a PRESIDENT ROMNEY.
But, not so fast...though a great many of us would be drawn to a ticket with MR, we must bear in mind that the selection of a VP - even Mitt Romney - almost Never makes a profound difference. McCain is a deeply flawed republican candidate, and the addition of Anybody to his ticket may not be enough to pull off a victory.
If the Dumocrats ride a big wave this year, I don't want it to drown Mitt; I do not want Mitt going down with McCain's leaky ship. Better to live to fight another campaign, unblemished by a national loss.
In the end, it is a difficult choice: the VP spot is, in theory, the fastest track to the White House. But might it not be far wiser for Mitt and his supporters to keep his/our powder dry, and wait for the likely failure and collapse of a Democrat (i.e. Clinton, Obama, or McCain) administration, then seize the 2012 day?