Tuesday, February 12, 2008



Let's skip the ludicrous debate over Whether B. Hussein Obama is the recipient of the Monica Lewinsky Treatment from the establishment media. There is no debate, no question.
The media's (esp TV) fawning worship of Obama is painful to watch.
Far more important is the fact that the kind of candidate - only for President of the United States, no big deal - who Most Requires careful media scrutiny is getting None...as a result, someone who was cutting deals over parking tickets in the state legislature two yeara go is poised to assume control of our nuclear arsenal and defense of our country.
I assume Obama wil be celebrating Passover, because that is what the natural presidential candidate media cycle has done - Passed Over Obama: No Criticism, None of the Time.
That said, the question is Why?
And we all know the reason: R A C E.
If Barack Obama were Bobby O'Banion, we'd already be watching the fifth round of the Clinton-McCain fight.
The affirmative-action media coverage of Obama is the most obvious, shameful - and damaging - example of PC and abdication of journalistic responsibility in the history of American politics.
Whether this Obamanation will change depends on finding some real journalist with guts.
So don't count on it.




Ashole71 said...

So right Jay! Great to see you writting again! Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

once again you hit the nail on the head. the liberal media thinks well if we can just get a black man elected, that will fix the years of racism in the country. to bad that will never happen till we stop giving jobs based on race.Ryan, Nashua nh

Favorite... said...

So interesting how NBC has turned its back and is so interested in Obama-nation.

I say karma is a b*itch and so is Hillary!