Tuesday, February 19, 2008



It may be Heave Ho.

It is 9:45 Tuesday evening.
I have listened to two speeches, one by Satan Clinton and another by 0-Bama.
Both were ostensibly positive, upbeat, forward looking. One was.
Obama sounded, looked, appeared like a winner.
Hillary looked like a death skull, whisteling past the graveyard. Already jumped town, speaking to Ohio high school students. Another group that won't vote for her. No mention of anther humiliating, debilitating, depressing beating in Wisconsin...pretending like it never happened.
But it did, and it is. And she appears helpless. Were I a much better Christian, I might even feel sympathy for this witch.
Is that the Mask of Political Death shadowing Mrs. Clinton's face?
So far as I understand the results Tuesday night, Obama has again won virtually every group there is to win.
No matter what the morning light of statistics brings, nine in a row is still nine in a row.
Now the desperation of the Clinton Camp is hard to disguise and spin.
She can still pull out of this death sprial with improbable come-backs in Ohio and Texas in 13 days - but it begins to appear she will not.
13 days. Clinton(s) has 13 days to bail out the Titanic, using a dixie cup.
I shall worry tomorrow about how this affects our big picture.
Tonight I shall luxuriate in the blessing of knowing the Billary Monster is having an utterly horrible night.
If I never say this again, Thank You Barack. Thank You.
That you have brought these evil blackguards to the brink of failure and doom is enough to earn my respect and gratitude.
Depending, of course, on what the meaning of "is" is!
Oh, ah, Hillary: Turn out the lights....the party's over.....
Oh, can it really be?!
Joy! Rapture!
Is the Wicked Witch really (almost) politically dead?
If so, even Mrs. Obama can - if for only the 2nd time in her life - feel proud of her country.
Sweet Dreams, B&B!
I know mine shall be.
More in the a.m.

Excelsior (on acid!),


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