Saturday, February 9, 2008



Lovely Saturday afternoon here on Cape Ann - the doggies (especially the new St. Bernard pup, "Hans") love the snow. What a great place. THANK YOU FOR MY JOB!

My enjoyment of this fine day is enhanced profoundly by MSNBC's suspension of smarmy far-left "journalist" David Shyster - for the PC crime of having made an on-air comment including the name of Clinton princess, Chelsea, to the effect that the Clintons "pimped-out" their daughter Chelsea by having her solicit democrat super delegates by telephone.
Well, well, well!
Firstly, the insinuation is True, is it not? But, of course, Truth - while forming the basis of 1000 years of English Common Law (i.e. "In Libel Law, truth is an absolute defense") matters not when one offends someone who is Democrat and this case, Harradin Rotten Clinton.
So MSNBC (very) temporarily gives a time-out to lib attack poodle and Keith Olberwellian getaway driver Shuster. BUT...MEANWHILE...BACK AT THE THE PC RANCH...THERE IS A STORY BEHIND THIS STORY....
During a 1998 fundraising event, republican "maverick" and GOP nominee-presumptive Juan McCain presented his audience this witty Q&A: "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?" "Because her father is Janet Reno."
Absolutely True Stroy.
Gee...will MSNBC suspend McCain?
Or even mention it?