Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Maiden Blog Voyage

My Very Dear Best & Brightest:

These words represent my first-ever Blog! And one never forgets one's first time, right?
(So, please, be gentle. And call me tomorrow?)

As our broadcast concludes, I am off from my north shore home studio directly to join Governor Romney and his staff for the evening, to strategize and monitor election returns; eventually, Mitt will speak to the media, hence the world. I hope very dearly - for you, me, our families, and our contry - that this will be an affirmative night for a great man and a great friend, Mitt Romney.

If I am able, I will be in touch throughout the evening; if I am unable - for tech reasons - to do so, I will next post late tonight and/or early tomorrow morning, continuously.

I am so very grateful for your support, and excited about this history we are making together.



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