Monday, February 18, 2008



My Very Dear Best & Brightest:

Do you by chance recall my having said at last week's end that although I'd be away until today to the Frosty North, my intention was to continue Blogging While On Adventure?
I lied.
It was when I uttered it entirely my intention to do so. But events in the Frosty North overcame me, as it were, and I slacked-off.
Forgive me.
I am returned.
There is much to talk about.

I shall begin by tomorrow (Tuesday) morning (8:30a) embracing the always-cherished-challenging opportunity to appear on the IMUS IN THE MORNING SHOW, heard on my home, 96.9 FM, WTKK.
Do join me.

And now, having ingested a substantial quantity of Brain ExLax to accelerate my delivery of thoughtful commentary, I shall presently yield to the organic Urge To Purge...opinion, that is.

The following commentaries are presented Not In Order Of Importance.....Read On, Brothers & Sisters!



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