Tuesday, May 20, 2008



It is 7:20p on Tuesday (aka Kentucky & Oregon) evening, and we are hearing Clinton chief stooge Terry McCauliff declare - with utterly stright face - that "super delegates are holding off...not going for Obama - because they are waiting to see who is the most electable Democrat in the general election."

You must say this for Terry: he never fails to give it the ol' college try.

The Fact is, S-delegates knew long, long ago they are breaking big for 0-Bama....they just need the figleaf of the final primaries to minimize the sting Hillary's supporters (i.e. the Amazon Brigade) will inevitably feel when party leaders officially dump her for 0-Bama.

THAT is what explains Dem SuperDelagates' exhibiting such etiquette and chivilary.

They are going for 0-Bama, and that's that.

The reluctance Terry and other Clintonites sense on the part of their delegates is not hesitancey at all, but Theatrics.

They Don't Dare - and won't - spurn the Black Guy, period.



Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Islamic students reportedly taunted 'unclean' animal

Posted: May 12, 20089:17 pm Eastern© 2008 WorldNetDaily

A Muslim high school student's intolerance for a service dog needed by a student teacher with a disability has reportedly prompted the student teacher to abandon the last 10 hours of his scheduled assignment at Technical High School in St. Cloud, Minn.

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Many of us have recently asked: "Unelectable"? What exactly do you mean "Obama is Unelectable"?

Here's exactly what:

I have been engaged in national politics/media for 25 years. There is nothing in my experience or the primary numbers or what we know of Obama - nothing - that suggests he can win a national election.

Then again, The Patriots couldn't lose the Superbowl.

IF the horrible were to happen (i.e. President Obama) Here are 10 Things that would have to occur:

1. The students/young voter turn out is huge, historically unprecedented.
2. African-American voters (same as above).
3. Conservatives, alienated by McCain, stay home on election day.
4. McCain runs "honorable" campaign, refusing to criticize Obama's politics.
5. The media referees the rules such that McCain is evil, Obama a saint.
6. There is a new "electoral map", whereby a Democrat can win without white, blue collar voters.
7. Clinton primary voters give in and turn out for Obama.
8. Independents break big for Obama.
9. Obama actually does pulls some Republican votes.
10. The Libertarian Presidential Candidate (Yes, there will be one) draws a tiny number of votes...but just enough to make a difference in a close race.

That is, A Perfect Storm of highly unlikely, unprecedented events - nothing less than a profound, historical sea change of American culture and politics - all combining to elect Obama.

Obama is Unelectable.
But the Patriots couldn't lose to the Giants.





There's your headline for tomorrow's newspaper, and Today's TV coverage.

According to the establishment media OF COURSE Hillary Clinton is wining in "Hee Haw" country! They're all stupid! All backwards! Own guns! Believe in God!

Despite the fact NO DEMOCRAT HAS IN NEARLY A CENTURY WON THE PRESIDENCY WITHOUT WINNING WEST VIRGINIA, the news will be down-played, if not ignored...because these are Dumb White People.

In the minds and on the lips of the media, Naturally Clinton wins West Virginia: these votes come from the Cast of "Deliverance".

By the way: Clinton will not win West Virginia by nearly as great a margin as Obama wins every African-American population center...just imagine if someone in the media reported made equivalent remarks (e.g. "Well, OF COURSE Obama won Detroit! THEY'RE ALL...."

So, just to get this straight:
Obama anywhere wins monolithic black vote = Hope + Change.
Clinton wins in predominantly white area = RACISM.

West Vir-ginny! Yay-hoo! Break out that banjo music!





Historically and practically, a Presidential candidate chooses a running mate based on how many EXTRA votes that partner will attract.

John McCain hasn't that luxury.

Perhaps the single most overlooked - or just plain not grasped - factor in McCain's choice of VP is this: His problem is not how many EXTRA votes his runing mate might draw - it is HOW McCAIN GETS CONSERVATIVES TO VOTE FOR HIM AT ALL.

The conservative base of the Republican party is angry.
Angry with McCain, angry with his liberal record on taxes, illegal immigration, free speech, judges, etc.
Angry that their only choice on November 4th is between a Communist (the Democrat) and a Liberal (McCain).
And, as a result, many of them - of whom I am one - will not personally vote for McCain.

...unless McCain pickes Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney gives us a conservative on the ticket and, plausibly, in the White House in the not-distant future, maybe for 8 years.
Mitt Romney would define, rebuild and support the Republican party - and Republican Principles.
Mitt Romney would give us a reason to hold our noses with only one hand, and vote for McCain with the other.
Mitt Romney would give the coservative base hope - and bring us to the polling place.

John McCain can stop worrying right now about which fresh new face he can use to go out and win brand new Republican voters, and start worrying about getting Mitt Romney on the ticket...just so he can climb out of the hole in which he begins and get himself up to Zero.

McCain should win this thing.
But his biggest worry is not Obama.
It is Me and You.

No Mitt, No Conservatives.
No Conservatives, No President McCain.

That is why it must be Mitt.



Monday, May 12, 2008



What is Satan (Clinton - both of them) really up to?

SCENARIO ONE (drops out prior to convention):

As recorded here several weeks ago, H Clinton will stay in long enough (as many primaries as she can win/pain inflict on opponent) to Drive The Best Deal She Can...and that means creating maximum leverage, cutting the deal(s), then dropping out.
In this circumstance, what does Satan want?

That may mean the Vice President slot on the Obama ticket.
The Senate Majority Leadership.
"Promised" 2012 Dem nomination.
Retirement of her current campaign debt (ca. $20Million) - for she will be Personally liable.
A seat on the U.S. Supreme Court for herself - and/or Impeached Bill.
Influence as to choice of VP and/or Cabinet Members (her staff, friends).
And/or All Other Selfish Things.

SCENARIO TWO (goes to convention) :

Satan Stays In.
Because she believes
she can win enough remaining primaries to change momentum/perception.
She believes there is enough dirt on Obama to end his campaign.
She has dirt on Obama with which she plans to end his campaign.
She believes she can loose the Dogs of Political War (read: genius convention rules advisor Harold Ickes) on Obama at party convention in form of rules and credentials chalenges.
She believes she can insist on seating Florida and Michigan currently-disallowed delegates, thereby giving her a major boost.
Because she is honestly the biggest witch who ever lived and, if she can't have the nomination, she will burn it down.
And because she believes if she can help Obama lose in 2008, she can be President in 2012.

Scenario #1 requires enormous guts, determination and the soul of a contract killer.
Scenario #2 requires shamelessness possessed only by a sociopath.

Either way, no problem!

And, either way, Obama is badly damaged heading into general election.



Sunday, May 11, 2008



Other than Hillary Clinton herself, guess who may be the biggest booster of the notion she stay in the race as long as she wants?

Barack Hussein Obama.

There is on the campaign trail a prominent school of thought - one to which I subscribe - that Mrs. Clinton's campaign is now primarily powered, and kept even marginally serious, by tens of millions of white women supporters...who want her to stay in this on her (their) terms.

Refusing to be told to sit down and shut up by a bunch of older, overweight, relgious, white men named Chuck may now be Clinton's most potent campaign agenda.

To the extent her quitting soon would appear Clinton was dropping out before she felt like it, because she was being bullied by the big boys, could anger Clinton's female base and alienate them from the Obama ticket.

This, I believe, explains Obama's sudden graciousness and flexibility toward Mrs. Clinton's withdrawl saying, in essence, she has earned the right to set her own timetable.

If Obama truly believes he has this won - and he ought to, because he does - it does not serve his purpose to appear to be rushing Mrs. Clinton, whose most ardent supporters he desperately needs to show up for him, out the door prematurely.

This creates a Chick Challenge in November Obama just doesn't need and can mostly avoid.

Thus, don't expect to hear much more from the Obama campaign - at least from the candidate himself - that "it is over for Clinton and she ought to get out".

Obama can now afford, and it benefits him, to appear graciously patient.



Tuesday, May 6, 2008





As I post this, the jury is still out regarding the race in Indiana - though, as I predicted, Obama has won N Carolina Big and is close behind in Indiana.

But even noe we can site two Major Media Misses this evening:

(1) Rev Wright Influenced Vote - but which way, based on Race?

MSNBC reports that nearly 50% of both black and white voters regarded Jeremiah Wright as an "important factor" in their vote.

But which way?

We can very safely assume that, to the degree it affects their votes, whites are Negatively affected by Wright's vile remarks.

But how can MSNBC assume the same about African-Americans?

Just days ago, major polls showed - depressingly and outrageously - that 1/3 of black voters were More Likely to vote for Obama after hearing Rev Wright's racist remarks!

So, when we learn blacks and whites were greatly - and equaly - affected by Wright's hate speech, it is sloppy and wrong for MSNBC to assign to blacks and whites the same reaction for the same reasons.

Whites were affected influenced, and therein is an important lesson.
Conversely, blacks may well have been - vis a vis prior evidence - Positively influenced by the same remarks!
Therein, too, is a significant lesson.

And the most important lesson of all is that MSNBC is either (a) too stupid, or, (b) too in-the-tank for the left-wing world-view to notice or mention.

(2) Judges Order Indiana Polls Kept Open

This evening, a judge ordered at least two urban Indiana polling places to stay open - beyond the hours and rules Indiana state law provides.

The impact of this judicial fiat nearly certainly means extra votes in the inner-city (where virtually all recent vote fraud occurs, auspices of the Democrat municipal political machine monopoly)...meaning extra, after-hours African-American votes...meaning bonus Obama votes.

At 8:00 p.m., Clinton was leading Obama in Indiana 61-39%, a huge lead; after the judges orders to violate law and keep polling places open, Obama closed the 20 point gap in One Hour.

If this were a Republican election, this obvious Judge-Assisted Voter Fraud would be Breaking News.

Why - why? - are there no CNN cameras at these Extended-Hours Obama Vote Factories?

Meanwhile, the Special Late Shopping Votes for Obama pour in, closing the Indiana gap.

Irony of schweet ironies: the voter fraud from which the Clintons so long enjoyed a manufactured advantage, now turns on them.





It isn't over until the Fat Lady Sings.

I hear a melody.

Hillary Clinton will lose North Carolina today, maybe big.
And, though she may pull out Indiana, I believe she may well lose there.
But, even if she splits, it is over.

I believe that when Democrat voters and Delegates awaken tomorrow morning, the vast majority of them will feel they have given Clinton the chance to compete - but now it Needs To Be Over.

A lot of us have known for some time that Barack Hussein Obama is going to be the Democrat nominee - the difference is that as of Wednesday morning Democrats will be largely united
recognizing that fact. And they will show Clinton the door.

I predict a flood - nay, a tidal wave - of Democrat officials rushing before microphones and cameras to urge "for the good of the party" that Mrs. Clinton scram. Now.

I predict this is the final Tuesday Hillary Clinton will be regarded as seriously competing for the nomination.

Did she fail?

Only short-term.

Clinton's tactical objective has for some time been to damage Obama such that he will lose in November - and she rides to the rescue in 2012. In order to do so, she would have to wound Obama very badly, render him unelectable.

She has.
Obama is unelectable and will lose the general election.

The Fat Lady is Singing: her lyric is "See you in September (2009)"

Good riddance, Hillary.

For now.


Monday, May 5, 2008



What to make of national polls - and the attendant wishful-thinking among all the Barack fans in the media - that show "0-Bama bouncing back" and has thus "overcome any damage done to him by Rev Jeremiah Wright"?


These polls are a measure of how Barack Hussein Obama is thought of by DEMOCRAT VOTERS ONLY - they are the ones who will first forgive and forget the Rev Wright-Obama love affair.

There remains No Evidence (nor any common sense) suggesting INDEPENDENT and REPUBLICAN voters - most espceically White, Blue Collar voters in key swing states - have forgiven nor forgotten the hateful Wright and Obama's long, close embrace of Wright's twisted dogma.







In terms of this gaudy Democrat Presidential Race, Monday morning and Tuesday morning sure look interesting...but will by Wednesday morning look like - and in fact be - Ancient History.

Here's what we do know right now:

Tomorrow's games - Indiana and North Carolina - are absolutely huge.

The culmulative "wisdom" of the most current polls has Obama winning NC and Clinton winning Indiana by virtually equal margins of circa 5 points. If this occurs, the Dem battle is status quo ante (i.e. same old same old). Both candidates will claim victory; Hillary will hang on, fighting to the last breath/primary, weeks from now.

If, however, we get a plausible surprise - Hoosier Daddy! - that is, Obama captures Indiana in addition to N Carolina, then Clinton won't have a friend in the world, most especially including Democrat Delegates, super or otherwise. The entire central rationale of her candidacy, of her political existence, is swept away in a moment. The public pressure on her to go away - delivered by the Democrat's Biggest Wigs - will be enormous, loud, and nearly universal.

In that case, what makes it harder for Clinton than No Math, No Support, No Chance is that her real long-term strategy becomes nakedly obvious: to burn Obama down so McCain wins so she is the candidate in 2012. At that point, she must quit.

But - wait a minute! - suppose Clinton wins the lottery tomorrow, winning both Indiana AND North Carolina? Obama lose NORTH CAROLINA?!


Well, first, Republicans call their physicians and seek medical advice as to what they do with erections lasting longer than four months.

Nextly, to be humane, place a net outside the higher windows of the Democrat National Comittee buliding.

Then, take away from Obama and his supporters their belts and shoe-laces (standard suicide precautions).

Because if Hillary sweeps on Tuesday, you are going to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of Democrat garments at every level of the Obama campaign and the Dem party.

Dem Delegates will realize their worst fears: their Dreamboat has morped into a Nightmare, a Loser - one they cannot walk away from without virtually destroying their party.

("Hello, Doc? About that persistent arousal...")