Tuesday, May 13, 2008



There's your headline for tomorrow's newspaper, and Today's TV coverage.

According to the establishment media OF COURSE Hillary Clinton is wining in "Hee Haw" country! They're all stupid! All backwards! Own guns! Believe in God!

Despite the fact NO DEMOCRAT HAS IN NEARLY A CENTURY WON THE PRESIDENCY WITHOUT WINNING WEST VIRGINIA, the news will be down-played, if not ignored...because these are Dumb White People.

In the minds and on the lips of the media, Naturally Clinton wins West Virginia: these votes come from the Cast of "Deliverance".

By the way: Clinton will not win West Virginia by nearly as great a margin as Obama wins every African-American population center...just imagine if someone in the media reported made equivalent remarks (e.g. "Well, OF COURSE Obama won Detroit! THEY'RE ALL...."

So, just to get this straight:
Obama anywhere wins monolithic black vote = Hope + Change.
Clinton wins in predominantly white area = RACISM.

West Vir-ginny! Yay-hoo! Break out that banjo music!



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