Monday, May 12, 2008



What is Satan (Clinton - both of them) really up to?

SCENARIO ONE (drops out prior to convention):

As recorded here several weeks ago, H Clinton will stay in long enough (as many primaries as she can win/pain inflict on opponent) to Drive The Best Deal She Can...and that means creating maximum leverage, cutting the deal(s), then dropping out.
In this circumstance, what does Satan want?

That may mean the Vice President slot on the Obama ticket.
The Senate Majority Leadership.
"Promised" 2012 Dem nomination.
Retirement of her current campaign debt (ca. $20Million) - for she will be Personally liable.
A seat on the U.S. Supreme Court for herself - and/or Impeached Bill.
Influence as to choice of VP and/or Cabinet Members (her staff, friends).
And/or All Other Selfish Things.

SCENARIO TWO (goes to convention) :

Satan Stays In.
Because she believes
she can win enough remaining primaries to change momentum/perception.
She believes there is enough dirt on Obama to end his campaign.
She has dirt on Obama with which she plans to end his campaign.
She believes she can loose the Dogs of Political War (read: genius convention rules advisor Harold Ickes) on Obama at party convention in form of rules and credentials chalenges.
She believes she can insist on seating Florida and Michigan currently-disallowed delegates, thereby giving her a major boost.
Because she is honestly the biggest witch who ever lived and, if she can't have the nomination, she will burn it down.
And because she believes if she can help Obama lose in 2008, she can be President in 2012.

Scenario #1 requires enormous guts, determination and the soul of a contract killer.
Scenario #2 requires shamelessness possessed only by a sociopath.

Either way, no problem!

And, either way, Obama is badly damaged heading into general election.



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