Monday, May 5, 2008



In terms of this gaudy Democrat Presidential Race, Monday morning and Tuesday morning sure look interesting...but will by Wednesday morning look like - and in fact be - Ancient History.

Here's what we do know right now:

Tomorrow's games - Indiana and North Carolina - are absolutely huge.

The culmulative "wisdom" of the most current polls has Obama winning NC and Clinton winning Indiana by virtually equal margins of circa 5 points. If this occurs, the Dem battle is status quo ante (i.e. same old same old). Both candidates will claim victory; Hillary will hang on, fighting to the last breath/primary, weeks from now.

If, however, we get a plausible surprise - Hoosier Daddy! - that is, Obama captures Indiana in addition to N Carolina, then Clinton won't have a friend in the world, most especially including Democrat Delegates, super or otherwise. The entire central rationale of her candidacy, of her political existence, is swept away in a moment. The public pressure on her to go away - delivered by the Democrat's Biggest Wigs - will be enormous, loud, and nearly universal.

In that case, what makes it harder for Clinton than No Math, No Support, No Chance is that her real long-term strategy becomes nakedly obvious: to burn Obama down so McCain wins so she is the candidate in 2012. At that point, she must quit.

But - wait a minute! - suppose Clinton wins the lottery tomorrow, winning both Indiana AND North Carolina? Obama lose NORTH CAROLINA?!


Well, first, Republicans call their physicians and seek medical advice as to what they do with erections lasting longer than four months.

Nextly, to be humane, place a net outside the higher windows of the Democrat National Comittee buliding.

Then, take away from Obama and his supporters their belts and shoe-laces (standard suicide precautions).

Because if Hillary sweeps on Tuesday, you are going to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of Democrat garments at every level of the Obama campaign and the Dem party.

Dem Delegates will realize their worst fears: their Dreamboat has morped into a Nightmare, a Loser - one they cannot walk away from without virtually destroying their party.

("Hello, Doc? About that persistent arousal...")



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