Tuesday, May 6, 2008



As I post this, the jury is still out regarding the race in Indiana - though, as I predicted, Obama has won N Carolina Big and is close behind in Indiana.

But even noe we can site two Major Media Misses this evening:

(1) Rev Wright Influenced Vote - but which way, based on Race?

MSNBC reports that nearly 50% of both black and white voters regarded Jeremiah Wright as an "important factor" in their vote.

But which way?

We can very safely assume that, to the degree it affects their votes, whites are Negatively affected by Wright's vile remarks.

But how can MSNBC assume the same about African-Americans?

Just days ago, major polls showed - depressingly and outrageously - that 1/3 of black voters were More Likely to vote for Obama after hearing Rev Wright's racist remarks!

So, when we learn blacks and whites were greatly - and equaly - affected by Wright's hate speech, it is sloppy and wrong for MSNBC to assign to blacks and whites the same reaction for the same reasons.

Whites were affected influenced, and therein is an important lesson.
Conversely, blacks may well have been - vis a vis prior evidence - Positively influenced by the same remarks!
Therein, too, is a significant lesson.

And the most important lesson of all is that MSNBC is either (a) too stupid, or, (b) too in-the-tank for the left-wing world-view to notice or mention.

(2) Judges Order Indiana Polls Kept Open

This evening, a judge ordered at least two urban Indiana polling places to stay open - beyond the hours and rules Indiana state law provides.

The impact of this judicial fiat nearly certainly means extra votes in the inner-city (where virtually all recent vote fraud occurs, auspices of the Democrat municipal political machine monopoly)...meaning extra, after-hours African-American votes...meaning bonus Obama votes.

At 8:00 p.m., Clinton was leading Obama in Indiana 61-39%, a huge lead; after the judges orders to violate law and keep polling places open, Obama closed the 20 point gap in One Hour.

If this were a Republican election, this obvious Judge-Assisted Voter Fraud would be Breaking News.

Why - why? - are there no CNN cameras at these Extended-Hours Obama Vote Factories?

Meanwhile, the Special Late Shopping Votes for Obama pour in, closing the Indiana gap.

Irony of schweet ironies: the voter fraud from which the Clintons so long enjoyed a manufactured advantage, now turns on them.



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