Tuesday, May 13, 2008



Many of us have recently asked: "Unelectable"? What exactly do you mean "Obama is Unelectable"?

Here's exactly what:

I have been engaged in national politics/media for 25 years. There is nothing in my experience or the primary numbers or what we know of Obama - nothing - that suggests he can win a national election.

Then again, The Patriots couldn't lose the Superbowl.

IF the horrible were to happen (i.e. President Obama) Here are 10 Things that would have to occur:

1. The students/young voter turn out is huge, historically unprecedented.
2. African-American voters (same as above).
3. Conservatives, alienated by McCain, stay home on election day.
4. McCain runs "honorable" campaign, refusing to criticize Obama's politics.
5. The media referees the rules such that McCain is evil, Obama a saint.
6. There is a new "electoral map", whereby a Democrat can win without white, blue collar voters.
7. Clinton primary voters give in and turn out for Obama.
8. Independents break big for Obama.
9. Obama actually does pulls some Republican votes.
10. The Libertarian Presidential Candidate (Yes, there will be one) draws a tiny number of votes...but just enough to make a difference in a close race.

That is, A Perfect Storm of highly unlikely, unprecedented events - nothing less than a profound, historical sea change of American culture and politics - all combining to elect Obama.

Obama is Unelectable.
But the Patriots couldn't lose to the Giants.



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