Tuesday, May 20, 2008



It is 7:20p on Tuesday (aka Kentucky & Oregon) evening, and we are hearing Clinton chief stooge Terry McCauliff declare - with utterly stright face - that "super delegates are holding off...not going for Obama - because they are waiting to see who is the most electable Democrat in the general election."

You must say this for Terry: he never fails to give it the ol' college try.

The Fact is, S-delegates knew long, long ago they are breaking big for 0-Bama....they just need the figleaf of the final primaries to minimize the sting Hillary's supporters (i.e. the Amazon Brigade) will inevitably feel when party leaders officially dump her for 0-Bama.

THAT is what explains Dem SuperDelagates' exhibiting such etiquette and chivilary.

They are going for 0-Bama, and that's that.

The reluctance Terry and other Clintonites sense on the part of their delegates is not hesitancey at all, but Theatrics.

They Don't Dare - and won't - spurn the Black Guy, period.



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