Tuesday, February 12, 2008



Another primary Tuesday, which means another day and night and next day and whole week during which the Establishment Media will furiously peddle the Conventional Wisdom - always conventional, rarely wise.
And here it is: "On a great roll of several straight primary and caucus wins, B. Hussein Obama's MOmentum is now so great - and Mrs. Clinton's slump so deep - that Obama appears cruising toward ultimate victory over Clinton(s)."
Sounds reasonable.
But is probably wrong.
Today Clinton chief strategist Mark Penn (with whom your host advised major campaigns years ago) has released a sobering - and, more to the point, realistic - assessment of where this campaign really is by telling us Where It Is Going.
Penn's Points are, in summary, as follows (verbatim): And this is a True/False Quiz...
1. "The GOP Attack Machine Will Re-Define the Democrat; Hillary Has Withstod That Process."
2. "Sen. McCain Will Run On National Security. Clinton Wins That Argument."
3. "Sen Obama's Negatives Will Rise; Hillary's Are Already Factored In."
4. "...Sen Obama's Coalition Will Be Tested; Hillary's Coalition is Stronger."
5. "Current Poll Numbers Don't Tell The Story of What Will Happen."
6. "Hillary is the Best Candidate to Take On Sen McCain and defeat him."

#1. True.
#2. Not merely False, but hallucinatory.
#3. True.
#4. By history, True...But if the Young and African Americans vote in record numbers, and First-Time voters and Independents flock to him, Utterly False.
#5. Totally True.
#6. (See # 4, above.)

P.S. Can't wait to see what the NON-VOTERS of Washington D.C. have to say tonight, can you?



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Anonymous said...

Though I most often agree with your viewpoint it sounds like you still think Hillary will be the dempcratic nominee. Obama has become the pretty boy of the media his faults will be overlooked and his strenghts exagerated. Hillary is doing better "on paper" but the Obama sumani will overwhem the facts with enthusiasm and blind faith.