Wednesday, February 27, 2008



The following is a Rumor.
It is hearsay.
It is third party (someone told someone who told me, now you).
I cannot verify it.
But I do trust the person who told me.
And the principal source is in a position to know such things.
That said:

Someone whom I know intimately, who has top level national media and political connections, contacted me just now to say "I last evening dined with X, and X tells me Hillary is planning to quite the race day after tomorrow, Friday."

That's what I am told.

What do I think?

On the one hand I cannot believe she would do this without testing her chances in Texas, Ohio, in Court and with delegates, super and otherwise.
On the other, if their (superb) internal polling indicates she is going to get hammered, I can well imagine her undrestanding she can either get out now - and look like Mitt Romney, doing what is best for her party, etc. - or be a Loser and get kicked to the gutter by voters and party elders.

What would you do?
What do you think she'll do?



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