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Having previously set forth the most significant, damning - i.e. splendid! - numbers from last night (please see JayBlog immediately preceding this), now let's ponder these Fun Facts:

* For the very first time today, we have heard in the establishment media an utterance unthinkable until this moment: "Maybe Hillary needs to consider finishing up positively...SO SHE CAN POSITION HERSELF FOR 2012."

* Politics is not much different than Poker of a Knife-Fight: when you're behind, you must take chances. In Wisconsin, Clinton(s) went totally negative, attacking 0-Bama with slash and burn radio and TV ads. They not only failed to work, they backfired. Badly.
This morning, inside Clinton(s) campaign bunker, this dismal question is being asked: "What Do We Do Now?"
Because if they let 0-Bama run free in Texas and Ohio, he beats them...but if Clinton(s) again go on the attack, maybe he beats them Worse.
p.s. not only did Clinton(s) demonstrate horribly bad judgement in attacking, they made it worse by abandoning her positive issue messages - which are custom made for Wisconsin voters.

* The Great Untold Insider Story: the one thing Clinton(s) was supposed to have in massive superiority was Organization - yet the most experienced field operatives (I have well known or well known of many for 25 years) in the political world are being embarrassed by 0-Bama's crew.
This may well be explained by the school of thought (a school I attend) that holds this: 0-Bama knew he could never beat Clinton(s) quikcly but, rather, only win this over a very long haul; thus they built their organization tailored to this circumstance. As such, they have money and organization in place everywhere and are therefore competitive everywhere right into June.
Clinton(s) on the other hand believed the latest this race would go was Super Tuesday - and built their organization to suit that plan. Thus, when Super Tuesday comes and goes, and
Clinton(s) is still running for her life, they find themselves heading into March fighting for their lives, out of money, out of ideas, out of luck.
Mark my word: If 0-Bama goes on to win the nomination, this story - how Clinton(s) were out-smarted organizationally - will be the #1 behind-the-scenes narrative.

* Media Bias?! The conventional wisdom has been droning on that the MediaMob is horribly biased in favor of 0-Bama/against Clinton(s)...yet consider this: Would 0-Bama ever, in your wildest imagination, been cut this kind of slack by the MediaMob if 0-BAMA HAD LOST THE LAST TEN CONSECUTIVE PRIMARIES? Give me a break! MediaMob would have had 0-Bama dead and buried after the 3rd straight loss! But, for Hillary, she always "in the hunt" always "coming back", it is never "over". MediaMob has held Clinton(s) up for the last 10 rounds of this fight!

* Clinton(s) either radically change the story of this race - like Right Now - or this race is Over. And, since she cannot plausibly do this by winning all the remaining primaries by 70% or more, how does she pull it off? BY PLAYING UGLY. UGLY. FUGLY.
This means Clinton(s) ramp up the secret delegate theft - not merely of SuperDelagates committed to 0-Bama, but the regular primary delegates 0-Bama has already won by vote. (I learned yesterday, for the first time in my life, that even these delegates are NOT committed to their candidate, even on the first convention ballot.) Thus everybody is literally up for grabs.
Watch what Clinton(s) will do to win this by stealing delegates and going into court.
Bad for democracy.
GREAT for talk radio! So stay-tuned.

* Did you happen to notice last evening that at no time while she was giving her surreal pep rally on TV did Clinton(s) observe even minimal etiquette in mentioning her opponent, or the Tuesday night primaries?
Could be coincidence, but I believe as 0-Bama's folks watched this from Texas, they jumped on TV at that moment - instantly knocking Clinton(s) totally off TV! 0-Bama proceded to speak for 46 minutes, in prime-time, without further interruption from What's-Her-Name. (Oh, to be a fly on, well, Mrs. Clinton when she learned she wasn't on TV anymore!)

* BONUS: As a preview of the race going forward, as of today...See Cindy McCain slap Michelle 0-Bama on TV last night Michelle's un-patriotic remarks ("This is the first time in my adult life I have ever been proud of my country.")?
I am counting down from ten...then expect to see/hear the response: "RACISM!!!!".

Like I say: stay tuned!



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