Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Q = Question
BO = Obama Answer/Comment
HC = Clinton Answer/Comment
JS = JS Comment

> Start: HC sports hideous faux smile, BO, a disdainful frown.

> HC denies "knowing" source of Obama African photo (1st Lie!)

> JS: lost in the bickering over minute details of both plans is, of course, the fact that the Gov't runs health care, forces you to buy it, and punishes you if you don't. Will somone please say "Socialism"?

> @9:16, BO appears (to some rabid feminists) to "lecture" or "condescend" to her simply by employing her name, "Hillary"
JS: is this sexist? Because it is racist if you say "Hussein" - Keith Olberman says so!

> @ 9:18 Soundbite of the night already? HC loses it: complains that "over last several debates, I get first question all the time." (WAHHHHH!) "like Saturday Night Live, maybe we should ask Obama is he is comfy, wants another pillow". There is, I believe, some audible booing. Men with white coats and butterfly nets cannot be far away...

> 9:25: Thank the gods for Russert. He calls HC on her record, then pins her on NAFTA - she gives one answer, then another, changes course; Russert scores, catching HC in Clintonian double-talk.

> 9:30: First 30 Minutes: HC has chip on shoulder, toward BO and Questioners; BO slipping punches.


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