Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Well, That's decided: the Single - as in Only - reason Anybody Ever speaks aloud the actual name of this candidate - Barack Hussein Obama - is....you guessed it....RACISM!

Yes, on the cable network of debate record, MSDNC, Chris Matthew's guests were, surprise!, monolithic in their opinion: "Racism"!

Then, (un)naturally, on Keith OlberWellian's diverse (!) opinion show, the host himself charaterized an Ohio radio host who called Barack Hussein Obama Barack Hussein Obama as "going racist"!

Yesiree! How much plainer can it be? Mention someone's name, and the Great Spirits of the Left Wing Media KNOW YOUR EVERY THOUGHT.

There is no room for explanation or debate. They KNOW your intentions!

And if you should commit the outrage of calling Barack Hussein Obama Barack Hussein Obama, then, clearly, You Are A Racist.

What other possible explanation could there be?!

Mark my words: Nothing - NOTHING - in this campaign (including Hillary Clinton without makeup) is nearly as scary as the notion that certain annointed persons on TV have the inherent skill and license to accuse anybody of Racism, based on....the mention of a candidate's name.

Thank the gods we are blessed with Those Who Can See Farhter Than We, like...Keith Olberman. What would we do as an audience - nay, as a culture, a people! - without Swami Keith (et. al.) to not merely analyze our words, but also to Divine Our Motives!

These people are intellectual whores (with apologies to whores), fascists, and very, very dangerous.

But TV and the Globe agree with and embrace them...so they must be wise!

Ask not for whom the witchhunt, book-burning bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

And the rope is being yanked by the great wanker Keith Olberman, and other "journalists".

Remember that, and where, you heard it said: if 0-Bama is the candidate, Any criticism of him will be revealed by the Great Media Swamis to be "Racist"!
Be ready to withstand that charge, or stand silent - which is exactly their idea.




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