Monday, March 3, 2008



It is that simple.
On Tuesday Root For Clinton(s).

My loyalty bona-fides are impeccable.
Nobody has despised and opposed the Socialist Witch more than I.

But well-informed patriots will appreciate that it is time for strategic thinking.
Nothing complex, very straightforward: as breathtakingly satisfying as it would be to witness teary, self-righteous Clinton(s) forced to quit the presidential campaign as soon as Wednesday, we must recall and embrace the Godfather's axiom: "the dish of revenge tastes best when eaten cold."

As much as resonable persons wish to see Satan defeated and humiliated, we wish even more to see her party and her agenda consigned the same fate.
And that happens only by defeating 0-Bama.
And that happens only by having a candidate in this race who is willing to launch relentless frontal (and entirely appropriate) assaults on 0-Bama, every single day between now and November.

John McCain will not do that.
Hillary Clinton will.

John McCain proably can't beat 0-Bama.
But Hillary Clinton can.

So, much as I deeply wish to see Clinton(s) bashed by voters Tuesday, I more wish to see her do well - temporarily - so she can survive to wage bloody, and maybe decisive, war against 0-Bama.

Because John McCain won't do that.
But Clinton(s) can...and will.

Go, Satan! Go!



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