Tuesday, March 4, 2008



Well, if you Hate Hillary And Everything She Stands For this is Win Win Tuesday.

WIN: Today Clinton(s) fail in both Texas and Ohio to gain delegates. The only arithmetic left for her relies on suing in federal court to have do-overs of both Florida and Michigan primaires - then soliciting the cooperation of SuperDelegates to swing over to her, essentially stealing the nomination from actual Democrat voters. While that sceanrio is theoretically possible - and Clinton(s) love it - I don't believe it is going to happen.

Tomorrow, Hillary Clinton tearfully, angrily announces she is quitting.

WIN: Today Clinton(s) score impressive comeback victories in Texas and Ohio, gaining substantial numbers of delegates and, with it, a legitimate claim to stay in the race.

And so she does, with Clinton(s) and 0-Bama hammering each other, every day until summer, probably up to and including the national convention, bloodying each other - so that when either she or he climbs into the ring against Juan McCain, either she or he will already be badly beaten up. And seriously damages the Democrat party in the process, very probably creating a jagged wound between various groups in the party's base.

So, either way, today is Political Christmas of a sort.
Either way, there is something Democrat-Bad to look forward to.
Which means America-good!




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