Wednesday, March 5, 2008



I asked you to root for Hillary and, despite your gag reflex, you did!

You wanted more Epic Civics Circus?
You Got It!

Here's some keys to what really happened last night, and what it means:

* Clinton(s) not nearly the winner either side assumes her to be. Hillary won a max of circa 20 (!) delegates on Tuesday, which means the delegate math remains the same, with Obama way ahead. The scenario whereby she catches and surpasses him in delegates
is the stuff of science fiction: she wins all remaining primaries/caucuses/delegates with circa 70% of the vote, PLUS the Dem Party holds do-overs of both the Florida and Michigan primaries which, again, Clinton wins with 70%, PLUS she steals from Obama most of the SuperDelegates. Paging Stephen King.

* Biggest Winner: Juan McCain! Not only did McCain become the nominee by capturing the nomination delegates and booting Nutabee from the race, he gets at least Two More Months of a bloody fight between his Democrat adversaries. A dream scenario for him and our nation.

* Racism! What else could Possibly explain the fact that, given an opportunity to Support a Savior, the backward bigots of Texas and Ohio voted Against Obama? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are doubtess on their way!

* Buyers' Remorse: a lot of democrats that had been sleeping with Obama - especially Clinton's former base voters (women, latinos) - had second thoughts. They weren't quite sure they're ready to leave Hillary and actualy marry Obama.

* Negative Works! Having crafted and produced the messages of major campaigns across the country, I know Negative Works. Clinton's attacks v. Obama (esp the "White House Hotline Red Phone Ringing at 3:00a" TV spot) worked; the media's first experiment with abandoning their hideous double standard (so grotesque the media have twice been mocked by Saturday Night Live), and actually treating Obama like they do other candidates, worked. His numbers went down. Negative works ergo, we shall see a lot more negative, from both sides.

* Obama Must Fight Back: Yes, I know he is a religious figure, above mere mortal politics...but if Saint Barack continues to refuse to dirty His hands by punching back, he will be in trouble - not just because Clinton(s) will sense the weakness and slaughter him, but because MCCAIN AND THE REPUBLICANS will sense his weakness and slaughter him.

* Nightmare Ticket: the continuing blood oath/battle between Obama and Clinton will greatly fuel pressure by party leaders on both democrats to accept the second place on the ticket, to forge the Dem Dream Ticket.
With thanks to Nelson Rockefeller: Hillary Clinton has never aspired to be VICE-President of Anything.

* Nuclear Groundhog Day: Tuesday's results mean a minimum of SEVEN MORE WEEKS (!!!) of nuclear/negative/attack politics Groundhog Day, and one side has a real hog. How great it this?! And at the end of those 7 weeks, Clinton(s) likely will still lose - but not before crippling Obama with two months of bombs, dirt, and all-out attack.
(Doctors' Note: if aroused by the above for longer than 4 hours, do contact your physician.)

* Talk Radio Valhalla: What might have been a merely exciting primary season that ended on SuerTuesday has morphed wildly into a bloody free-for-all with both sides sworn to destroy the other. There is a definition for this in my business: "Heaven"!
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