Sunday, March 30, 2008



Why Hillary Won't Quit Yet starts with What Hillary Knows.

Hillary Knows: It is Sunday morning, March 30, and on all the network talk shows the Democrat Drumbeat for Hillary to Quit grows - as we predicted last week - bigger, louder and broader.

Hillary Kknows: this very public anti-Clinton trickle is poised to become a wave, the wave a Tsunami. The Democrats recognize their dream (a woman and an African-American) is fast becoming a nightmare, with the voters of both candidates increasingly bitter and alienated against the other. Several more weeks of this - not to mention the prospect of a wild, nasty, implosion of a national convention - and we can save time and money by simply coronating John McCain right now.

Hillary Knows: that Democrats are, therefore, in a panic to get The Deal cut NOW.
The Deal consists of either combining Obama + Clinton on one ticket, Or pushing Hilary overboard. They really don't much care which...just one or the other, NOW.

Hillary Knows: they have to come to her to cut The Deal. And unless she agrees, she stays in this campaign, burns down the Democrat Party, bringing Obama down with her.
And that is why Hillary waits, waits, waits - for maximun leverage, to cut the Best Deal.

Hillary's Best Deal consists of these elements, in ascending order of priority: (1) saves face (2) bestows enormous, continuing political power on her...which serves her ultimate goal, unchanged (3) the 2012.

And why not? John McCain is older right now than Mrs. Clinton will be if - sorry, When - she runs in 2012...Obama could lose, immediately establishing Clinton as the next Democrat candidate favorite...McCain might serve a single term (could happen), and she gets to run 2012...Obama wins, but has a weak first term and she - a la Ted Kennedy, 1980 - launches a primary challenge against a sitting President of her own party. (She wouldn't dare? Are you forgetting who we're talking about here?). So the scenario exists fully, at least in the mind of Clinton(s).

That means The Deal must include a place on the ticket, OR the Democrat Senate leadership, OR a guaranteed, unopposed candidate ststus from her party in 4 years.

Watch: in a few days or weeks, Clinton surrogates - chiefly Impeached-Bill - will start dropping hints that "we always planned on the contingency of running again in 2012"..."you always don't win the first time".."I think she'll be even a stronger candidate the 2nd time around"...

IN ANY CASE: Hillary stays in to drive up the cost of The Deal. The greater the threat she can hold over her party, the better The Deal she will get.
When Clinton(s) believe she is at her moment of maximum leverage (i.e. threat to destroy Obama, his chances, her party), she will cut The Deal.

And not before.

Thus, in effect, the Clinton 2012 campaign begins today.
Remember from whom you first heard this, ok?



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