Sunday, March 23, 2008


So: the vile racism and raw hate against white folks preached by Obama's pastor is, we are told, "common" in black churches.

If so, we are a profoundly race-divided culture.
Not good news.

Worse news for Barack Obama.

Because now many, many white voters - most especially white, catholic, ethnic, blue-collar voters in crucial states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, etc.) - without whose support election as President is mathematically impossible, have the impression Obama is not with them, indeed, perhaps against them.

That is most certainly the impression I have. And it was confirmed the instant Obama arrogantly refused to denounce his perverted pastor.

So now Obama gets what he deserves: almost surely the Democrat nomination....then defeat in the general election.

That is my prediction.
And not since the Romney campaign ended have I had such a strong, personal rooting interest.

Obama must not and, I believe, can not be elected President.

And for this turn-of-fortune, Brack Hussein Obama has Rev Wright ("God damn America.") - thus himself - to blame.



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