Friday, August 22, 2008


On the Campaign...

As we wait on Yo-Bama to announce his #2, two late names have suddenly been floated: Conggressman Chet Baker of Texas, and former General Wesley Clark.

On Clark, I'd say No. He Does offer military credentials - a form of foreign policy credentials...but not the same thing and, being military in nature, not wildy popular among the radical left-wing base of Yo-Bama's party. Also: Clark is not a practiced politician, and has demonstrated a propensity for impolitic and just plain stupid remarks. Clark is not a crazy pick....but I am guessing he's not it.

As for Congressman Baker....Very Interesting.
The obvious response to him is WHO?! ------but wait: Baker is Nancy (aka "Bella" Pelosi's favorite. She recently named him on national TV, actually saying she 'Hoped he'd be the VP nominee".

So what?
Here's what: remember how Obama clinched the Dem race when he was fighting tooth and nail with Hillary? When he seemed like he was sinking? What saved him?
Answer: the perfectly-timed, leaked announcements by Dem SuperDelagates that they were going with Obama. That saved his bacon.

And who controls the Dem SuperDelagates?
Yes, Bella Pelosi.

So, what Peolsi wants - VP wise - Pelosi gets?
Not a lock...but why else would she go out in front on national TV with Baker's name - a total unknown?

Was the (i.e. her) VP fix in the moment Pelosi swung the Supers for Obama?
Maybe, maybe not.

But again, I am going to guess No.
I don't think even the heavy hand of Pelosi/Dem party leaders can persuade Obama he can win with an unknown - even if he might carry elector-rich Texas.

The smartest best for Yo-Bama remains Hillary, though I know I am alone on that one.
The next-smartest is Joe Biden. Biden would, on balance, be a winner for Obama.
I just don't know if Obama agreees.

More as news breaks.....



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