Tuesday, August 26, 2008


JAYLY NEWS...On The Campaign

Meet the new Witch, same as the old Witch.

Monday evening the lights burned brightly on Broadway, and in theaters all over the country where charming fantasies are acted out which last night included a stage in Denver, starring Michelle Obama - militant socialist, Black Liberation Theology racist, America-hater...oh, and sweet Mother, Wife, Sister.

That staged musical remake last night of "OBAM-OKLAHOMA!" was very well-produced, and totally phony. Nice script, Michelle, but we saw the original - we know how you really feel, about us, about your country.

We have seen this act before: then it was known as "Angela Davis".

The music was great, the lighting and make-up were fine - though there is still utterly no evidence to support every television anchor's breathless assertion that you are "gorgeous" - but when the act was over and you took your bow (wow), the facts are the facts: your husband's and your own beliefs and values are Unamerican and dangerous.

Thoughtful, patriotic people of both parties will write a review of your convention performance that says "a proud, monumental American moment - the first prospective African-American first lady"....but one who is not proud of her country. Who thought anyone could make us long for Hillary's patriotism?

Nice song and dance, Michelle.

Now get off the stage.



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