Thursday, August 28, 2008


JAYLY NEWS...On The Campaign

John McCain has reportedly chosen his running mate and will announce it tomorrow. It will leak today.

Is it Mitt Romney?
I hope so, and if you don't want President Obama, you'd better hope so, too - because if McCain does not choose Mitt, McCain loses.

All the political physics dictate the Romney choice.
I have said all along that I was not alone in my position that I will vote for McCain Only if Mitt is his running mate.
And now, confirmation of how unalone I am: internal McCain polling shows that of all people he is considering for VP, Mitt Romney attracts the most votes.
In fact the polling shows a McCain ticket including Romney makes ONE OUT OF FIVE VOTERS MORE LIKELY TO VOTE FOR McCAIN - ACROSS PARTY LINES!
(Nobody else scores like this.)

Thus there is every compelling political reason (not to mention the future of the Republican party) to pick Mitt - but most compelling of all, MITT GETS YOU ELECTED.

BUT.....BUT....I don't trust McCain's political judgement, and I know his political
loyalty is worse than non-existent.
I believe McCain is thin-skinned and hasn't forgiven Mitt for challenging him during he primary. McCain is a liberal and wants another liberal on the ticket - like Lieberman!
A big part of my instinct - and McCain's words in the past few days - discourage me in believing it is Mitt. I dearly hope I am wrong.
A bi part of me knows McCain wants to produce an 'out-of-the-box' choice - like a woman, maybe even pro-choice woman.
<:AtomicElement>If he does, he will lose, and richly deserve to.
P.S. In observing how Obama hurt himself by not merely failing to pick Hillary, but by being seen as treatung her disrespectfully, thus alienating/angering her suporters?
Well, Mitt Romney has been all over the map and out in Denver this week - right up until last night - defending John McCain on TV and elsewhere, really putting himself on the line for McCain.
Now, if McCain knows he isn't going to choose Romney, you would think he'd have a staff member place a telephone call - out of profesional courtesy and common decency - telling Mitt "hey, we appreciate what you are doing...but don't do it for us, if you know what we mean."
This way, if Mitt is not picked, at least he doesn't look bad, soldiering out there for McCain until the 11th hour, only to have someone else chosen.

Thus, if it isn't Mitt, McCain will lose millions of votes for political reasons - and millions more because we Romney suporters will be offended by how Mitt was treated at the end.

That said: I am counting on John McCain's wanting to win.
That requires picking a winner, someone who gets you the win: Mitt Romney.



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