Wednesday, August 27, 2008


JAYLY NEWS....On The Campaign

As predicted here and on-air yesterday, what we saw last night in Denver was the first event of the Hillary Clinton for President Campaign, 2012.

Virtually All news media got this wrong: the False premise is that Hillary's task last night at the DNC was to "create unity".
As if!
Hillary Clinton makes a speech without a selfish agenda like Bill Clinton isn't dating.
Hillary's actual task was to show off, make Dems think "we could have has her" and otherwise, along with her first-elected-President-in-the-history-of-the-USA-to-be-impeached husband who speaks tonight, to overshadow the party's candidate.
Hillary as up on that stage to Feign unity, while seeking the best location to place the stiletto in Obama's back, as soon as possible, while keeping her fat fingerprints off of it - and every other under-the-radar effort to sabotage Obama.

In keeping with this agenda, Hillary's speech as balanced: she mentioned the name Barack 2 times - balanced by 319 mentions of the personal pronouns "I" and "Me".

Hilary's style was, as usual, a tasteful, appealing hybrid of first wife PMS and Mussolini.

The media all say Hillary has "thrown her full weight behind Obama's candidacy". If that's true, Obama needs the Jaws of Life right about now.
In fact, Clinton's withdrawal from the campaign has caused the bottom (a Huge bottom) to drop out of the international pantsuit market.

Hillary scored last night - for Hillary.
If you expected anything else, you don't know Hillary - and/or weren't listening to me yesterday.



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