Sunday, August 24, 2008



Liberals in and out of the Media have always been blind to the bias with which they report the news. It's our job to continue to see what they cannot - which will happen here every day of this campaign, and beyond, e.g.:

1. National Public Radio, Saturday, Aug 23, 4:00p hour:
"Barack Obama picked Sen Joe Biden to provide foreign policy experience some say Obama lacks."


Obama's foreign policy experience being entirely limited to twice having breakfasted in an International House of Pancakes, not SOME but ALL rational persons know this; and they do not SAY it but OBSERVE the FACT Obama has NO FOREIGN POLICY EXPERIENCE.

2. National Public Radio <+ Multiple Media> Sunday, Aug 24:

Joe Biden plagarized a speech by a British politician and, as a result, was forced to withdraw from the 1988 Pres campaign.

Reportedly, Biden had a few times credited the original speaker----but ususally did not, and certainly did not on the occasion he was caught and shamed from the race.

When NPR broadcasts the audio of Biden giving the infamous plagarized speech, guess which version they play?

That's right: the rare, honest, sanitized version in which Biden credits the source -NOT the speech that caused him scandal.

Orwell lives! (On NPR.)



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