Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I can now, after only two days, safely declare the Democrat Ntl Convention a failure, a total flop.


Because the purpose of the convention is (was) singular: GET PEOPLE WHO WEREN'T VOTING FOR OBAMA TO VOTE FOR OBAMA.

Because night two was great for Hillary Clinton, but a zero for Obama.

Because when this collection of left wing freaks - whose major mode of transportation is obviously the short bus with wire-covered windows - gets flushed out of Denver Friday, the only things people will be talking about will be
(1) Hillary Clinton's speech
(2) Bill Clinton's speech
(3) How many Hillary voters won't vote for Obama
(4) McCain's VP pick.

Obama's speech (how I hope there is a tornado) tomorrow evening will be another Berlin Rock Show, but he already has celebrity.
What he needs is votes.
White working class votes in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, et. al.
And Thursday's Obama Rock Concert may excite the crowd in the stadium in Denver - but it won't win votes in the mid-west.

Could it be the Democrats are yet again committing political suicide?

Only if there is a God.


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